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Immigration law is an area of law that requires specialized expertise. The Law Office of Ari Varshosaz is pleased to be Oklahoma City’s source for experienced immigration lawyer services for those seeking legal counsel in cases dealing with the rights of non-citizens. Whether a client needs assistance with the green card process or is facing deportation, the immigration lawyers from The Law Office of Ari Varshosaz are dedicated to upholding the rights of non-citizens throughout any process of the American legal system. Our firm is proud to be Oklahoma City's go-to source for immigration related legal representation. The Law Office of Ari Varshosaz stands apart from other immigration law firms by their continual commitment to helping protect the rights of all immigrants throughout the process of obtaining a green card, dealing with scenarios of employment immigration, immigration through marriage, and even much more severe cases representing those facing deportation. Proud to be immigration lawyers in the heartland of Oklahoma City, OK, The Law Office of Ari Varshosaz is thrilled to help in spheres of immigrant law in order to make it easier for hard-working dreamers to help pursue their dreams. The experienced immigration lawyers at The Law Office of Ari Varshosaz in OKC are ready to lend their expertise to those who feel stuck in the American immigration system.

The Law Office of Ari Varshosaz is thrilled to be OKC’s one stop for all things pertaining to immigration law.

From filing applications for immigration status to legal representation for those facing deportation – nothing is out of the reach of the experienced immigration lawyers at The Law Office of Ari Varshosaz. When the future of one’s life, as well as their family is on the line, we are there for clients who desire top-notch representation as well as legal counsel through every step in the process. From needing help with the green card application process to assistance in obtaining a work visa in order to sustain their families, the immigration law experts from The Law Office of Ari Varshosaz leave no stone unturned as they build a case for the betterment of their clients’ immigrant status. Thorough and professional, each case is taken to heart and every scenario is taken into consideration. Making decisions based on many years of experience in the immigration law fields, The Law Office of Ari Varshosaz is proud to assist the client throughout the process to help them support their families, be supportive parents to their children, and good children to their parents.

Our office offers skilled and aggressive representation in a broad range of legal situations that may affect you or your family. Immigration law is our primary area of practice but we aggressively represent our clients in criminal and family law cases as well. We are licensed to practice in the Federal Immigration Courts and all courts in the State of Oklahoma. The Law Office of Ari Varshosaz is experienced in representing clients for various types of cases throughout the State of Oklahoma, including:

Immigration Law

  • ICE Holds
  • Green Cards
  • Deportation Defense
  • Immigration Bonds
  • Marriage and Family Immigration
  • Employment Immigration

Criminal Defense

  • DUI
  • Drugs
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors

Family Law

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Visitation

Personal Injury

  • Car Accidents
  • Negligence

We are capable of assisting you in many legal matters and providing you with the aggressive representation you need. Our office has successfully represented clients throughout Oklahoma and won many cases in our areas of legal practice. We are especially experienced in representing foreign-born Defendants in criminal proceedings to avoid immigration problems such as deportation and maintain eligibility for permanent residency or citizenship.

We charge a reasonable fee and have payment plans available to assist our clients. Call us today for a free office or telephone consultation with an attorney to discuss your case.

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